Sunday School

We offer classes for children from nursery age up to age 12. Our classes seek to teach children
important Bible fundamentals. Because of this, we have set goals for each class to help us focus
on preparing our children to exercise their faith, which parents can find at the bottom of this
page. Sunday school goes from 10:00 – 10:35 a.m. Classes are together in one hallway, making it

easy for parents to gather their children before the service begins at 11:00.


Pre-Primary Class (nursery – preschool)

The Pre-Primary class teaches children beginning Bible
stories and introduces kids to the love of Jesus through
songs and age-appropriate activities.

Primary Class (ages 5-8)

In the Primary class, children begin to dive deeper into
God’s Word and learn to apply the Bible to their lives.

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Junior Class (ages 9-12)

The Junior class guides children deeper into the Bible
and prepares students for real-world problems. Students
also learn the importance of evangelism and the Roman’s Road.

What Children Are Learning:

Sunday School Goals

We have worked to put together goals for our students. These goals help our teachers target specific areas of instruction in their lessons to help

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