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Children's Church

While parents are welcome to keep children with them during the sermon, we offer Children’s
Church as a way to give students biblical instruction on their level. After the song service,
children take up a special offering and sing. Then they head to a classroom to practice songs
before they are split into two classes. Each class uses the goals set for Sunday school in order to

provide cohesive instruction.

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Little Children’s Church (ages 3-5)

This class incorporates Bible-based learning activities
and introduces basic tenets of the Christian faith.

Upper Children’s Church (grades 1-6)

Children dive deeper into the Bible, studying biblical
figures and memorizing Scripture. This class aims to
promote Bible literacy and prepare children to
recognize sound doctrine vs. false doctrine.

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What Children Are Learning:

Agents for Christ

To engage students in learning, we created a system where they can earn ranks by achieving particular goals. These goals align with Sunday school goals,

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Upcoming Events:

Your child’s safety is important to us. Below you’ll find a form to fill out with important
information to help us make sure we provide a safe environment. If your child has allergies,
asthma, or any other considerations, please make sure to let us know the best way to care for

your child.

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